Sonor Beech Infinite Kick Drum - Robin Ball - Mix Engineer
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Sonor Beech Infinite Kick Drum


22″x20″ Beech Infinite Kick, released in 2010 as a limited release kit: Beech Infinite. Find more details here.

These samples are intended to be drum augmentation/replacement samples to get the sound that you’re looking for in a production, excellent in use with Slate Trigger or any other program that .WAV’s can be directly loaded in.

This was recorded with an Evans EMAD 2 with C414’s as overheads, AKG C12, Shure Beta & Sennheiser 902 as close mics through various mic-pre’s including Focusrite Red, Neve 8801, SSL E-Channel and Focusrite ISA. Recorded in Bow Lane Studios, Dublin, Ireland.


Here’s a sample of the drum with a felt beater played closed. (Including OH’s)

Wool Beater played open close mic (Shure Beta)

DW Felt beater played closed


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Supplied as unprocessed .WAV’s of each individual mic and a blend for getting started quickly, the drum has been sampled with different beaters (Plastic, Wood, Felt, DW Felt, DW Plastic & Wool) played in open and closed styles to give you ultimate choice. Multi-velocity sampled including piano, mezzo piano, mezzo forté & forté. Includes over 300 samples.


 Drums - No Samples
 Drum - Sonor Beech Samples on Kick & Snare


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