Mix Engineer - Ireland
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Here’s a little sampler of before & after mixing.


Artists I have worked with include:

Gavin James, Kopek, U2, All Tvvins, Wyvern Lingo,Little Hours, Sub Motion, Otherkin, Little One, Other Voices, meltybrains?, Loah, We Were Promised Jet Packs, Electric Shore, Bitch Falcon, Not Monsters, Floor Staff, Munky, Ivy Bloom, Kandce, Bantum, Craig Gallagher, Damola, Jalfaris, Jealous Of The Birds, Fox Jaw, Beauty Sleep, Cruiser, Ivy Nations, Rosey Carney, Slow Riot, Video Blue, Root Cellar, Riot Tapes, Rubyworks, Religion Music, Too Fools, Disco Punks, Come On Live Long, Press Record, Elm Basciville, I’m Your Vinyl, Le Galaxie,Syd Arthur,Bats,Red Enemy, Leo Drezden, Tomorrows, September Girls, Kormacs Big Band, O Emperor, Contour, Jape, Kid Karate, Pockets, Val Normal Cloud Castle Lake, The Minutes, Paddy Hanna, Nanobot, Fight Like Apes, Marc O’Reilly, Zaska, HamSandwich, River Fane,

and many, many more….